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BiBFootball – producer  sports shirts, football markers, start and training plastrons

Welcome to our website BiBFootball. You does not need to seek longer . You found just a place, in which we will offer You everything, what You need to promote Your sports team, to ensure it professional image, recognition and favour of sponsors. Maybe do You want Your company to become recognizable brand and do You want to create its logo? Maybe are You organizer of excursion and do You go skiing with group of children and do You want to take care of it that the members of Your group are better visible, what will considerably improve their safety? If so, we invite You to acquaint Yourself with offer of our Company.

The company BiBFootball exists on the market for 9 years. We are distinguished by long-term experience against a background of the industry. We are a producer of football markers, ski plastrons, sports shirts, start and training plastrons and sports vests. We are not corporation, but family company, a team, which understands each other well, what converts into great cooperation –  This is BiBFootball. Sport is from the beginning our passion. In school years we spent actively each free moment. Now we are educated people after sports studies at Academy of Physical Education (physical education), Warsaw School of Economics (sports marketing). We began in the garage in 2009. BiBFootball Currently we are the brand and producer in Poland and for countries of EU. We take care of it that our products are of the best quality and simultaneously of their best price. We make our shirts, plastrons and vests, using only the best materials and technologies, what ensures their high comfort of wearing, breathability, resistance to damages and contamination. Our products are professional and thanks to wide range of colours – original. We make every effort to ensure that products of the Company BiBFootball attract attention. It is known for a long time that markers or plastrons have huge advertising potential, they are living carrier of advertisement, they will reach places, where is the person, who wears them . They work for image of Your company, Your product, being perfect advertisement. Our products fulfil not only marketing function, but have also wide application in various sports disciplines.

They will work perfectly during matches, marathons, events, family picnics or group expeditions, enabling distinguishing players or tourists towards other groups and facilitating team organization and also ensuring their safety and good communication between players.

Already thousands of sports clubs and organizations trust us, we fulfilled approximately 5000 orders for companies, we serve more than 30 sports disciplines. Your satisfaction is the most important for us, therefore our idea is:


We invite You to the world of BiBFootball