Do you want to promote and single out your sports team easily and effectively?

Invest in sport t-shirts of highest quality and provide a professional outfit for your team!

Buying our t-shirts you can guarantee your club recognisability and favor of sponsors!

How is it possible?

Our t-shirts are great information carries, used for promotion of companies, sports clubs, schools, teams and competitions. They are also unique, original component of building a good image of a sponsor or an organization.


(here photos from playing fields with noticeable logos, at best of the most prestigious brands ☺)

Sport t-shirts SportsBibs do good during matches, sport competitions, events, family picnics, team trips and trainings.

Thanks to modern style and looking after every detail when producing, English pattern is perfect for all sport disciplines, which need body-clinging, tight outfit.

They are perfect factors to generate positive associations, emotions and loyalty building between client (fan) – product.

Fluorescent colors are more eye-catching for fans, pointing out sponsor’s logo

Do you want to create a positive image of tour company in front of your clients’ eyes?

Do you care of your brand getting trust of next consumers and be seen as responsible and environment-friendly?

Do you want to consolidate your brand’s name, logo and form?

Don’t wait!

Try our products today and become a pioneer by creating new, non-invasive, liked and accepted by society form of advertising!

Why us?

  • Thanks to sidecut t-shirt perfectly fits the body, and guarantees a player not only maximum of comfort, but also attractive look.
  • Fluorescent colours are effectively eye-catching and thanks to that sponsor’s logo is even more exposed and noticeable for fans.
  • Markers SportsBibs significantly improve the organization of the game at sport events, also facilitate communication between players, which translates into efficiency and results of the team.
  • T-shirts produced by us are extremely resistant to jerking and pulling. Those things happen very often on a football court
  • They’re breathable, and allow the skin to breathe freely. They do not absorb water or other moisture, which is particularly important during the tournament in bad weather conditions.
  • Fabric, from which we do our products is very flexible. Changing player on the court? No problem! Our label may extend from 5 to 8 cm!
  • Our products provide maximum comfort and convenience which is the most important thing on a sport court.
  • They are extremely light and need little space, so their transport and storage is very comfortable.
  • Special loop-structure effectively removes heat and water, providing sportsmen the ultimate comfort during the game.
  • Fabric does not absorb dirt and mud, making T-shirt looks attractive, regardless of weather conditions and situations on the court.

Printed design:

On request of customer we make printed designs, which can be placed on the front or at the back of shirt. They are of the best quality and have lifelong durability. The service is valued individually. In order to obtain precise calculation, please get in touch with us by phone or by e-mail. We guarantee quick answer and exceptionally affordable prices of producer.

In the case of questions we invite You to get in touch with our consultant:
phone number +48 698 343 555 phone number +48 698 344 035

Thank you for choosing us!

We will do our best for our product fulfill your highest expectations.

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