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Do you also share the opinion that ensuring your guests a proper safety level during a mass event is a key issue?

Do you know how to greatly improve the organization and communication during the major sports and cultural events?

Would you like your event to reach the highest level of professionalism, which will certainly be noticed by the guests and local media?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, you are in the right place!

Thanks to comprehensive Steward Sports Bibs you can be certain that the organization of an even
will be correct and its participants will be thrilled with the best-in-class service!

Who exactly is a Steward ?

Sports Steward is a person responsible for ensuring safety and broad satisfaction to all of the participants of a mass event. Stewards are highly trained in first aid, conduct in case of fire and also proceedings for the evacuation of sections, tribunes, areas or the whole facility when the risk occurs.

Taking into account the range of responsibility and competences of those workers, their proper signage is crucial!

Among our wide offer we can provide you with:

  • For the members of the Security Crew perfect Design Steward Sports – the most appropriate during the matches. Security Crew members, thanks to their special training are able to effectively protect the participants against some aggressive fans and any other signs of inappropriate behaviour. One can easily find a person responsible for the safety thanks to the vibrant colour of the bib.
  • Ideal Design for the Medical Crew Steward Sports  – extremely important during any mass events, enabling immediate reaction of the proper service and organs in case of accidents, faintness’ and other ailments
  • Information Service is Design Steward Sports for   will help you maintain everything in order, especially during some major event
  • Design Steward Sports for the set/line Managers, most necessary during competitions, rallies and races
  • Design Steward Sports for the Parking Service will ensure perfect management of the parking areas, which matters if it is to deal with hundreds of cars. A proper signage prevents chaos and provides order while parking.
  • Design Steward Sports for Media Crew (Photo, TV) allow you to avoid any mistakes and awkward situations as well as its consequences
  • Design Steward Sports for Cashiers will contribute to preservation of the harmony during the entry for the event’s venue.

Printed design:

On request of customer we make printed designs, which can be placed on the front or at
the back of shirt. They are of the best quality and have lifelong durability. The service is valued individually. In
order to obtain precise calculation, please get in touch with us by phone or by e-mail. We guarantee quick answer and
exceptionally affordable prices of producer.

In the case of questions we invite You to get in touch with our consultant:

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