Custom Plastrons Vest Sports Promotional

One product-many benefits!


  • wide application in various sports disciplines
  • improvement of safety
  • convenience of use
  • facilitating organisation of work


  • promotion of the club
  • alternative to traditional forms of advertisement
  • advertisement of sponsor
  • helping to build a positive image of the brand in the region

They work superbly on the slopes, at ski schools, during various types of events, rallies and mass meetings. They are important facilitation for organizers of winter trips, family picnics, expeditions in larger groups or integration events. And surely nobody can conceive of sports competition without them! We have 14 years of experience in servicing travel agencies, advertising agencies, sports clubs, teams, schools, sponsors and organisers of various types of professions. We also cooperate with shops and wholesalers.

Do You wonder, how such a small thing can give You many benefits? Think about….

1. Safety

Participants of mountain expedition dressed in sports vests in intense colours will be perfectly visible, even in difficult weather conditions. You can also localize much easier skiers of Your team on crowded slope. Distinguishing with bright colour will cause also that the members of Your group will be better visible and it will improve considerably their safety, what is very important, especially in the case of beginners.

2. Better organisation

You will divide easier the members into groups by age, level of skills or any other criterion by means of multicolour ski plastrons. Assignation of tasks to individual teams and persons and avoiding mistakes during subordination of group to specific instructor will be easier for You. Games between snowboarders divided into teams with snowboard contrasts will be played much more efficiently. Plays in such form not only give a lot of fun, but they also integrate participants great.

3. Convenience

Plastrons can be put on and taken off very quickly, because they are adapted to be dressed on the jacket and the opening for head is large enough, so that it is not necessary to take off helmet. Our advertising shirts are very practical for wearing. They do not absorb dirt, therefore spots of mud and grass can be removed very easily. They do not soak up water and let it air easily, what gives skiers a lot of comfort. They are very light and elastic, so that they do not hinder movements and system of in the cloth carries perfectly sweat and heat outside.

4. Saving time and money

Our markers for skis can be used repeatedly, because thanks to elastic bands sewn in at the sides, they adapt to the body (about 5-8cm), so they will fit for people with different dimensions. Thanks to it You will save not only money, using shirts repeatedly, but also time for selection of right sizes for particular participants.

5. Effective advertisement

Ski plastrons are perfect carriers of advertisement in places, where its application in standard forms is not possible. They help to build positive image of the brand of organizer, sponsors, club or each other company or institution, which will decide to use them with printed design of starter numbers of players and its logo. Thanks to visual identification during local sports events Your company can effectively strengthen its image as responsible and friendly for the region company. Such kind of promotion will also help You to gain loyalty of customers, who will transfer positive emotions related to sports event automatically to Your brand.

Do You need advertising shirts of the best quality to distinguish Your skiers on the slope with aesthetically and permanently printed logo of Your company?

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Printed design:

On request of customer we make printed designs, which can be placed on the front or at the back of shirt. They are of the best quality and have lifelong durability. The service is valued individually. In order to obtain precise calculation, please get in touch with us by phone or by e-mail. We guarantee quick answer and exceptionally affordable prices of producer.

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